We are The Merchist.

Our name is inspired by a combination of 'Merch' and 'Specialist'. "Merchist" is a suffix or -ist that denotes a person who practices, and is an expert in.

Our intention is to provide transformative merchandise by your favourite creators. With The Merchist, customers can shop for all their favourite creators and influencer brands in Malaysia.

Based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, The Merchist is the latest initiative by Nuffnang, Asia’s leading Influencer and Content Marketing company.  

For Influencers

The Merchist creates opportunities to express your life experiences, interest and growth to create uniquely designed products that your fans will adore. You will be able to create authentic merch that represents yourselves and what you believe in our platform.

For Customers

The Merchist will enable you to shop products exclusively and uniquely created, by online creators and influencers you look up to.